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About Shane

I wear many hats

Shane Farr, web designerAs a freelance designer, I specialize in branding and web design. Lately, I have been offering custom design(and redesign) packages that include a Logo, Custom WordPress Websites, SEO, and Social Media Integration. This package ensures organic traffic to start-up websites and a face-lift for an existing brand.

As a logo artist and UX designer, it is only natural for me to research and then pencil-sketch every concept before bringing the design into digital format. Only after researching and sketching as to how your brand is unique, I will bring a concept into digital format. After a hand drawn or wireframed concept is approved, I will then spend time tweaking to perfection in the software that fits for the solution.

As a web designer, I  create usable & professional websites, all uniquely hand coded with love. Specializing in custom web design specific to your brand and target market, I use only the best web standards. The resulting SEO-friendly HTML & CSS ensures organic ranking. I am currently booking freelance projects and am considering good fits for full-time or contract employment opportunities. Please do not hesitate to call me anytime to discuss potential work.

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