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seo tips and tricks

I encourage any website owner to have a good understanding of what Search Engine Optimization is and how to generate the most traffic and bring in business. My clients, whom I teach to use WordPress to update their Farr Designed website, can use good practice by reading up on some of of these topics:

Best Seo Practice

List of Best Seo Practice such as Keywords, Links, and Google Penalties made simple.

I stumbled upon this article years ago and quickly understood the best and worst practices for SEO. If you do not understand some of the SEO lingo, just do a little research to comprehend this one article. Keywords are the most important part to know. Some of the factors are outdated, but this article has proved to stand the test of time.

A more detailed list of 200 Google Ranking Factors. There are many facets to SEO, and there are no longer any tricks.


Beware of the sketchy back-link builders wanting monthly fees. These may work well for your website in the short-run, but will penalize from ranking in the long run. Backlinks are important, but should be made the honest way, by another webpage out there liking to your website because it has related content. A few relevant backlinks from quality websites are much better than 1000’s of spammy links. Searchable, relevant content for your users to read and quality copy writing is key for high search engine ranking. Keywords are no longer relied upon in meta-tags, but should naturally occur in the copy of the article written.

Yoast WordPress SEO

On every page and blog post is an area to type in the Focused Keywords you think are the most relevant. That is, if you install SEO WordPress by Yoast, which I do.