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WordPress Video Tutorials

Although I teach clients how to maintain their website as a service after creating and customizing to their needs, it is always good to have a refresher. I enjoy video tutorials because they are more lifelike, fun, and thorough than a book. All one has to do is Google “WordPress tutorials” and there are many to choose from. Below is a list I am starting of recommended WordPress video tutorials.

1. Free WordPress video tutorials on WPBeginner. These are all free, only requiring you to sign up and verify your email. This is a great way to start out or get a quick refresher on some of the basics of using the WordPress Dashboard.

2. WordPress video tutorials on Tuts+. These video tutorials cover everything a website owner needs to know to maintain a WordPress site. To subscribe is $15/mo, and they have 470+ courses to choose from besides just WordPress. Well worth the investment.

3. WordPress video tutorials. I learned most of my web design and SEO from Lynda beyond the classroom back in design school. To subscribe is $25 a month, and this is for those aspiring to using design, websites, and coding for career purposes. Again, well worth the small investment for excellent training from many experts in the field.

I will try to add to this list as I go and not be a stranger. Enjoy the videos!